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I am a 19 year old illustration major at the Fashion Institute of Technology who has decided that when she grows up she will be a whale living in a beautiful and luxurious cardboard box with high-speed internet.


wake up open the curtains


take a shower then dry my hair


come down stairs ready for breakfast


greet the mailman


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for queans i o i long-over-due gift art!!

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO! H-OMG H-OMG!…whoooaaa…..ok sshhh shh…breathhhh…deep breaths now…count to ten…. I’m gonna be okay…I swear. Bbbuuuuttttt~  If I don’t post anything ever again. be sure that it’s because this beautiful artwork killed me. IT MADE ME EXPIRE! which means Andi, ur a murderer…. prime suspect-o!
SO UHM, WOW, HOW DO I EVEN GO ABOUT TALKING ABOUT HOW AWESOME THIS IS WITHOUT WRITING A NOVEL. I’m so impressed WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BEAUTY. She is so womanly and I love how the pink bits let off a soft glow <3 Digging those dark purples it’s bouncing off of, looks incredible, great idea! AND THAT SHEER FABRIC, GOOD LORDY. AND THOSE PERFECT BREASTS!!! Those…. those are….U could frame them on their own and they would just be….a masterpiece<3 You did such a perfect job and I’m so stunned and just….GAH, THANK U, THANK U SO MUCH <3 I WANT TO SAY A MILLION MORE THINGS hfshfkdsh~

If you don’t know Andi…. HOW DO U NOT KNOW HER?!? Check her out now!!!!


seventeen magazine has officially lost it
Friend: go ask
Me: no you go ask
Friend: no you
Me: fine can i have ketchup





Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

it finally feels like 2014

Every once in a while there’s an invention you never knew you always needed.

Now you can type up your paper last minute and your teachers will never know!

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Phil Hale

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The new Smash Bros. game is gonna be amazing!

Denny’s is coming for necks


left is summer looks and right is “let me show u why i don’t “comb every morning” white ho”

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Around the house looks



who was the first to coin “straight ally,” or when did that become such a thing that a giant billboard was made of it?



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This person reached their sixth week of life following conception. They were not just a clump of cells. If you are going to advocate for the killing of unborn children, at least accept their humanity and stop believing the pro-choice lie.
Abortion kills an innocent living human being.

Just gonna pop in here because this is actually a cat fetus, not a human fetus. Fetal cats are typically grey, like the one shown above. If this was a human fetus it would be pink. You can see more here, as you can see they display two images with three 28 day fetuses, the top one is a cat, and is very similar to this one (Almost identical).
You’ll use literally anything for propaganda won’t you? (Another hint to this is human embryo’s do not keep their tails into fetal development at 6 weeks, humans lose their tail at 4 weeks, this is either not as developed as you claim… or definitely not a human The evidence is pointing to the latter).

Pro-life activism:
Confusing cats for kids since it was convenient for them.

tbh even if this were human i wouldnt want it.. it looks nothing like me.. its aliennnnnn




Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.

This is gorgeous!

fun shit to look at when you’re high